Navabharat Group

A solid foothold in journalism, with a conviction to transform the nation into a ‘New India.’

Navabharat Group - The Voice of NEW INDIA

With the Vision of ‘NEW INDIA’

We carry forward the dream of an independent nation, free of exploitation and injustice.

Our Inspiration

Shri Ramgopal Maheshwari

When India’s struggle for Independence was paramount, every freedom fighter filled with rage, had an igniting passion for contributing in their own ways. Shri Ramgopal Maheshwari, a Gandhian at heart, a fearless journalist, and a flagbearer of Hindi language, was one of them whose vision of ‘NEW INDIA’ led to the launch of a Hindi newspaper in Nagpur called Navabharat on the 8th of Feb, 1934.

In his pursuit of civic, investigative journalism, he bravely and restlessly worked towards building a better society where people could identify Navabharat as a voice that unabashedly represents them, including their concerns and interests.


Who We Are

Started as a Hindi bi-weekly publication in Nagpur, Navabharat is circulated in several parts of Central India today, namely Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, and Orissa. It is one of the leading Hindi newspapers in Central India and proudly boasts of having the 6th highest readership according to Indian Readership Survey. With its two sister newspapers, Central Chronicle (English) and Navarashtra (Marathi), it comprises of 20 editions and 42 hyper-local editions.

We, at Navabharat Group, take pride in spreading awareness about the issues that matter, voice our opinions in-depth, and cover them from an informative yet objective perspective, thereby giving a true reflection of the nation’s face. Today, we have expanded our foothold into other realms, such as paper manufacturing, health care, real estate, and infrastructure.

The Story of our Rise

Our Legacy

1934 to 1952


The bi-weekly Navabharat, right from its first day, threw itself into the freedom movement and also bore the brunt of the then British Government.


Navabharat had to confront the calamity of partition just after Independence. In the same period, our press caught fire, causing us an incalculable loss.


After the Constitution of India was established, ‘Our Jabalpur’ Edition was released.

Our Values

Our core values form the basis of our immense reach in markets all over India.

  • Trust & Transparency

    We strive to fulfil the expectations of our readers without distorting any kind of information, thereby maintaining their faith in us.

  • Focus

    As we focus on performance, we believe in learning continuously and setting higher standards.

  • Integrity

    We believe it is our responsibility to maintain integrity.

  • Reliability

    We delve into the nitty-gritty of every event we cover, to report the facts our audience can rely on.

Our Mission

Laying the foundation of a new thought, a new revolution and a new rise, that will ensure the glory of ‘New India’ in the eternal pages of world history.

Our Vision

To lead the realm of media & journalism in India by -

  • Being relevant
  • Providing the right information
  • Creating a sustainable environment
  • Achieving unprejudiced socio-economic growth

Strength & Success


The courage with which Shri Ramgopal Maheshwari founded Navabharat will always be the essence of our organization.


We strongly encourage the empowerment of readers and building a generation that is aware of its rights and responsibilities.


We can't keep our readers ahead if we ourselves are not in the lead, so we constantly re-examine and re-invent ourselves to be innovative.


With a people-centric, data-driven and logical approach that lies at the heart of our foundation, we ensure we are trustworthy.


We understand our social responsibility, so we evaluate our organization and incorporate changes that favour a sustainable environment.


Our Businesses

  • Real Estate Development

    The group ventured into real estate development with its first project in the late 90s. Nava Bharat Infraventures has been involved in the development of both residential and commercial properties. Having constructed around million square feet of saleable properties . . .

  • Infrastructure

    Navabharat Infraventures Ltd. aims to make a difference with our high-end, complex infrastructure solutions for Road/ Highways & Irrigation projects. Through this we strive to transform the paradigm of the industry with innovative technologies, robust engineering, uncompromising business ethics, and realty excellence.

  • Healthcare

    From hospitals and diagnostics to health-tech and medical equipment, the healthcare sector is wide-ranging, and disposables are indispensable to it. Here’s where we at Nubeno Healthcare come into force.