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Today, everything is going digital. This wave of digitization has surely helped varied corporations connect with a wider audience in short time spans, and has made it more convenient for people to be informed. To keep pace with changing times, we’ve also gone digital, by ensuring that our content is available across all platforms in varied formats, in order to cater to every conceivable need of our readers. Our two websites and three digital applications are available in iOS as well as Android, and gives our readers full access to everything that goes on around them.

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Web Portal

A lot is happening in our country and the rest of the world, at any point of time. With the intention to give our readers the latest news and constant updates in real time, we have built a web portal available for our readers in two languages, Hindi and Marathi.

Navabharat/ Navarashtra


If reading news online whenever you wish interests you, and seems more convenient than reading a newspaper, then you can go to our Navabharat/Navarashtra e-paper website and read the digital version of these newspapers.



Today, there is an application for every product or service. To make it more convenient for our readers to consume our content, we offer the following mobile apps:

Navabharat Shorts

There has been a rapid decline in the average attention span since the beginning of the digital revolution. This application is all about cutting to the chase, and giving you all the latest news and updates in the short copy format.

Navabharat App

The world of digital apps has pushed the aspect of convenience to the forefront, as people can go through anything, anytime, anywhere online, with just a few clicks. This app is your go-to digital news platform, where you do not need to wade through all the information. Instead, you can just select the category of your choice and instantly get the latest updates and news.

Navarashtra App

This application is exclusively for readers whose preferred language is Marathi. It follows the idea of giving our readers the latest news and updates on everything that’s happening all over the world in a crisp manner. It also allows you to select a category of your choice and shrug off the information that is not relevant to you.

Citizen Reporter

Everyone is mostly glued to their phones nowadays, and can immediately turn into a reporter, if they come across something newsworthy. To democratize news generation, we encourage our responsible readers to report to us, if they find something worthwhile, and we try to cover it.

Citizen Reporter

Social Media

Social media, in today’s world, is not just a tool to connect with others, but also a tool to keep yourself aware of the latest trends, behavioural patterns, and consumer preferences. With our strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, we keep track of everything that is trending and of interest, in order to fetch more accurate results for our social as well as corporate projects.

With more than 2.2 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook remains one of the most popular and socially impactful mediums. Our digital marketing team keeps a close watch on its changing features and mobilizes it according to the trend and requirement to fetch better results for both our social and corporate projects.

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In 280 characters, Twitter is both immediate and interesting. It's real-time, highly interactive feature is what we at Navabharat constantly leverage, in order to touch a chord with a diverse audience.

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Designed exclusively for the corporate community, LinkedIn is ideal for networking with professional associations, recruiting creative, highly motivated individuals, and connecting with people from the media industry. Our digital marketing team leverages its features to enhance our presence there with updates with regards to our corporate projects.

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An authentic voice mobilizes people. Who can understand it better than Navabharat? Our digital marketing team takes painstaking efforts to produce videos that are true to the research, narrative, and such that they don't fail to influence and inspire anyone who watches it.

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With extraordinary Instagram pictures and videos that tell the real stories of change, Navabharat intends to directly touch and motivate its followers for creating a massive impact for the betterment of the society.

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Known to be a perfect platform for sharing interests through pictures and videos, Pinterest has been a significant part of our social media presence. We regularly take note of what is trending and what is not based on the pictures and videos shared by people on Pinterest and share pictures and videos on our best boards, spanning varied categories like politics, lifestyle, marketing, inspirational quotes, and sports.

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Latest Webinars

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