Conscientious Journalism

Ramgopal Maheshwari
A gandhian freedom fighter, journalist

Conscientious Journalism

Through our print subsidiary, Navabharat is officially the most influential print news organization in Central India. The three dailies under our wing, namely Navabharat, Navarahstra and Central Chronicle, are the country’s oldest and most trusted sources of news for Hindi, Marathi and English readers. We offer serious news and in-depth opinions for the Indian readers. As an organization that practices continuous improvement, Navabharat has embarked on the introduction of good manufacturing practices, which aim to improve the working environment at all printing plants. As a visionary organization, Navabharat is on track to achieve its long term business strategy with consistent efforts in improvement.

Our brand positioning is reinforced with the year-round campaign, executed through various media platforms, which has elevated Navabharat’s brand position as an authoritative and credible source of news and information.

In line with the newspaper’s objective of expanding its catchment of readers, improvements in terms of both content and product enhancements were undertaken. These include increase in play on pictures and caricatures, punchier headlines, usage of bullet points and overall improvement in the ‘look and feel’ of Navabharat to improve the visibility of the newspaper. Issues of public concern are effectively addressed via our Special Crime & Investigation team. Numerous exclusive probes are made, resulting in attention-grabbing headlines and breaking news.

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