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Our Culture

The World of Navabharat

We believe in a thriving, welcoming culture, full of varied opportunities, that instills conviction and determination in those who not only wish to excel in any realm of media, but also yearn to work productively towards our vision and goals. Our core values and ethics reflect what we are all about. The diversity of our team is what sets us apart and enables individuals to overcome complex challenges, with the perfect blend of creativity and effective teamwork.

In today’s fast-paced world, simply being creatively inclined is not enough, you must also have the will to excel and persistently carry on with your journey to success. When it combines with the presence of highly motivated experts whom you can learn from, you acquire the repertoire required to diversify your career spectrum and be at the top of your game.

Other than diversity, it is equally essential to integrate acceptance in the work culture as an eminent value. So, we also ensure the safety of our work-force and do not tolerate any sort of discrimination.

Our Core Values

Why You Should Join Us

To excel in your career, we have built a stress-free work culture backed by the following pillars:

  • Diversity

  • Innovation

  • Determination

  • Growth Opportunities

  • Acceptance

  • Safety

Current Openings

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The Navabharat team happily welcomes you and looks forward to working with you

UIUX Developer

Job Description

·         Extensive experience Wordpress, PHp, MySQL, jQuery, REST API, Solr, Linux, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

·         Knowledge of AWS knowledge is plus

·         Develop required module within the required time frame.

·         Provide guidance for new tools and technologies to be incorporated into the organization to increase their digital marketing presence.

Leverage analytic tools to provide reporting and insights, track and improve metrics, and influence testing and strategy.

Key Skills:

Wordpress, LINUX

  • Qualification

    Graduate with equivalent certification course the tools required

  • Experience(yrs)

    3-4 years

  • Location


Product Lead - Digital Media

Job Description

Act as the business owner for our products, possessing a complete understanding of internal and external variables that impact the business.

• Lead a team and provide thorough leadership and guidance.

• Develop a detailed understanding of the product development and go-to-market process for the business, as well as the factors that drive success within each segment of their business.

• Have a thorough understanding of the content and social media industry, seasonality and global trends/events, and continually monitor competitor/industry developments.

• Have a complete understanding of the customer needs, both existing and potential.

• Create business plans for new opportunities and develop and execute project plans for the launch of new features, incorporating merchandising and more.

• Provide content and leadership to engineering and technology teams to help render the product.

• Coordinate with cross-functional teams, and communicate with internal and external parties, while meeting tight deadlines.

• Conduct financial analysis of business opportunities to meet and exceed revenue and profitability targets.

  • Qualification

    Post Graduate with equivalent certification course the tools required

  • Experience(yrs)

    7-10 yrs

  • Location


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Voices of New India

Navabharat is a place where individuals come in at different levels with different skill sets and aspirations. They learn what a real print business is, learn how to think independently, be creative and to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Navabharat adds significant value to each employee’s professional trajectory and helps each individual tap into their true potential. It has been one year at Navabharat. Time has flown and I cherish all the memories of the people I have met during this time. I have learnt and grown professionally. It's an absolute pleasure to work with skilled professionals and leaders. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed in any way in my journey. I am looking forward to many more years with Navabharat and contributing to the growth of the organization.

'नवभारत' एक ऐसा महाब्रांड है जो आपके जीवन में एक सुखद सपने की तरह आता है| बचपन में जो पहला समाचार-पत्र घर में नजर आया वहां से लेकर करियर बनाने तक जिस ब्रान्ड ने मार्गदर्शक की भूमिका निभाई, नवभारत की वजह से जीवन और भी रोमांचित हो गया है| सफ़र शुरू हुआ रिपोर्टर से| आज रेसिडेंट एडिटर के पद पर होना एक अलग ही गौरव की अनुभूति देता है|

It’s rare to get to work with a brand that you have witnessed throughout your childhood. It goes back to waking up to be the first one to pick up the paper, to reading it for the most detailed reporting, and now being a part of it and seeing how it falls in place. Navabharat has created the steepest highs in my career when it comes to innovation and acceptance. It has widened the horizons of growth with the most challenging, absorbing and re-discovering experiences. The impact is evident in both parts of my life, i.e. professional and personal.

दो दशक तक एक ऐसे प्रतिष्ठान में जब आपका व्यक्तित्व नित नये तकनीकि क्रांति के परिवर्तन का साक्षी रहे, ऐसे 'नवभारत' में जुड़ने के बाद आप सिर्फ पेशेवर ही नहीं होते, आप विशेषज्ञ हो जाते हैं| 90 के दशक की कम्प्यूटर खोज से लेकर वर्तमान की डिजीटल क्रांति को आत्मसात करने वाले ब्रान्ड 'नवभारत' की टेक्निकल टीम और प्री-प्रेस का अहम हिस्सा होने पर गर्व है|

Navabharat is one of the most promising media companies. It offers a whole bunch of opportunities to anyone in the organization, especially those who are driven by passion. The most important thing is the learning that comes with these opportunities. The good workplace culture has given me the advantage of upskilling myself and increasing my knowledge. There is a direct link between employee satisfaction and profitability within the organization and I am really overwhelmed to be a part of it.